Follow the money. Gain your edge.

An intelligent tracking system that identifies orders based on unique options order flow specifications.

Order flow that moves markets

Cheddar Flow shines light on institutional option order flow. The struggle to find the right data is over.

Uncover hidden markets and private deals

Dark pool data + levels

Cheddar Flow scans hundreds of thousands of these trades each day. Our platform intelligently identifies prints that are most important and brings them directly to you.

AI power alerts

Real time visual alert notifications

Intelligent profit / loss calculations

Historical alert analysis

Real time visual alert notifications

Intelligent profit / loss calculations

Historical alert analysis

Next level filtering options

Quickly customize the order flow to better fit your trading strategy. Reduce the noise even further and save your setup.

Flow overview insights

Get a top level summary view on what’s flowing throughout the markets. View top bullish and bearish order flow on a daily or weekly basis.

Reduce noise by following what’s important to you

Setup your watchlist

We’ll help you stay focused by only delivering the order flow that’s on your list. You can also stay up to date with real-time stock quotes.

Desktop alerts

Can’t watch the tape? Setup desktop alerts to get those important notifications so you never miss the action.

Love using Cheddar Flow while I’m navigating the market. It reinforces trades that I want to make and sometimes gives me ideas of what to enter!

Kevin Rashidi

Admin / SMD Trading

Even more
powerful features

Historical Data​

Search equities across a wide range of time frames to back-test your ideas.

Advanced charting

Access stock chart information for any order and run your own technical analysis.

Save layouts

Set up custom layouts and manage your dashboard on demand.

Unusual volume

Get insight into what smart money is doing with these large volume transactions.

Mobile responsive ready

Track order flow from anywhere. Even on your favorite mobile browser.

Top-notch customer support

You’re never alone. Get in touch anytime, from anywhere. You can rely on us for technical needs.