A powerful unusual options flow scanner

Smart categorization and high-quality tracking for uncovering unusual options flow.

Signaling momentum and urgency by way of intelligent market routing systems.

Rare option order flow that you should really be paying attention to.

These are fast moving, consecutive call orders flooding into a particular name

Only institutions and deep pocket traders are placing these.

Precision order flow scanning

Unusual options order flow can be overwhelming. Luckily, with CheddarFlow’s real time data, the system intelligently curates the information and automatically chooses the most significant trades institutions and hedge funds are making.

Cheddar Flow’s sleek data feed provides options order flow traders with high precision, market data to help uncover hidden opportunities. This is your edge!

Powerful unusual options flow filtering capabilities

Cheddar Flow’s advanced filters help you find what is most important with ease. With over 30 different sets of filters, it does the work for you by telling you which data is most valuable for your research. Drag the slider controls to adjust your expected premium, contract size, and expiration date.

Gain insight into every unusual options flow trade

Cheddar Flow’s options order flow scanner provides detailed information about each trade that hits the tape. See direct bid and ask prices, understand what sector the stock symbol is in and most importantly, get a high level view of the option contract greeks (Delta, Theta, Vega).

Access to options order flow history

Cheddar Flow provides access to a large database of unusual options order flow so you can back test the data and find valuable patterns in the stock market.

It’s very important to have access to historical data so you can find strategies to make the most of your trading decisions. Never miss the big plays institutions and hedge funds are placing.

Export order flow data

Need access to Cheddar Flow’s option data for personal research? Download entire intraday activity from a robust database.

Advanced charting

Powered by TradingView, quickly access charts on symbols that are active with unusual options order flow activity.

Get the skills you need to succeed with order flow data

We cover all the general knowledge and tips you need to be successful with options order flow trading!